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Here at Bernoulli Apparel we tip our hat to the past and present aviators, engineers, scientists, travelers, math wizards and dreamers; because...

Adventure and Imagination Created Flight

Hello! We are the founders of Bernoulli Apparel, Chelsey with a y and Mike. Bernoulli Apparel started with the vision to bring fresh, one of a kind apparel to the aviation world and beyond. Apparel that you'll wear flying, camping, biking, diving, studying, and daydreaming of the next adventure. We set out to create a brand the resembles what we love and want to be doing every weekend, preferably every day! With my background working as a pilot/mechanic and Chelsey’s background in retail design/fashion, this company had been brewing for years. In addition to creating a company that was true to ourselves, it was important that we be hands on to craft our product the right way. That's why we do all in-house custom designs, screen printing, packaging, shipping, coffee drinking, and brainstorming. What you see on our webpage today is just the beginning of whats to come.